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How plastic production and disposal contributes to climate change.

Each year, 1 million acres of boreal forest is cut in Canada, much of it turned into pulp that is used for tissue products. This threatens wildlife and puts incredible pressure on our changing climate. 

In this second installation of Plastic Perspectives, our fellow Sacha Cameron will be exploring the health concerns that arise from plastic production and disposal through a conversation with Dr. Sacoby Wilson of the University of Maryland, College Park. An associate professor with the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health (MIAEH) and Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Dr. Wilson is well-versed in plastics and the environmental justice issues associated with their overuse.

Today Environment Maryland and Maryland PIRG sent a letter to Gov. Hogan, Secretary Slater, and Administrator Quinn in opposition to newly proposed cuts to transit funding. 

Concerns over plastic use and waste are more mainstream now than ever before.  The message is clear: plastic is not good for the environment. But did you know that the invention of plastic was once seen as a win for conservation? Read the first blog "Plastic Perspectives," our new 10-part series on plastic pollution.

The Trump administration announced Monday that it will begin oil leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We've been working for decades to protect this 19 million acre wilderness, and we're not giving up now.

John Muir was among the early advocates for preserving the Tongass National Forest. Teddy Roosevelt declared it a national forest — America's largest. But why are people from California to Texas to Maine so passionate about a forest in remote southern Alaska? Much of that passion is owed to the fact that some places stir the imagination and therefore, the soul. People also understand intuitively that the campaign to save the Tongass is about something larger than even that vast forest: It’s about what we value as a society.

How Conservation Conversations reminded me of the awe-inspiring power of the natural world

For what would become the nation’s most effective conservation and recreation law, it was an awkward beginning. 

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Michaela Morris
Associate, Protect Our Oceans, Environment America

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