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Our testimony with Maryland PIRG in support of the Safe School Drinking Water Act

As people in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, and across the United States brace for weeks of school closures and social distancing, I am searching for ways to make the most of this challenging period. While our own health, essential needs, and family care arrangements are top of mind, we are also staring down the inevitability of long stretches of boredom. I’d love to help my step-kids fill this time by learning about the planet and how to protect it. So I asked my colleagues at Environment America to help me come up with a list of ideas.

Testimony in support of SB560 which removes trash incineration from our RPS.

Our testimony on HB 296: a ban on single-use plastic straws 

Testimony on HB 354 - Prohibiting Personal Cleansing Products Provided at Lodging Establishments

Testimony in support of HB 589

Our testimony in support of SB926: Climate Solutions Act

Roses are red, violets are blue, we're done with single-use plastic and you should be too.

Our testimony in support of SB313/HB209 - Plastics and Packaging Reduction Act 

Our testimony in support of HB229/SB300 to Ban Chlorpyrifos