News Release | Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center

Obama Administration Finalizes Historic Clean Car Standards

Today the Obama administration finalized new clean car standards that will double the fuel efficiency of today’s vehicles by 2025, drastically reducing emissions of carbon pollution and cutting oil use in Maryland and nationwide. The standards will cover new cars and light trucks in model years 2017-2025, and require those vehicles to meet the equivalent of a 54.5 miles-per-gallon standard by 2025.

News Release | Environment Maryland

Broad Range of Stakeholders Call on Governor to Improve Successful Clean Energy and Anti-Pollution Program

Nineteen Maryland organizations, businesses, and officials joined with more than 300 others in calling on Northeastern governors to build on progress reducing pollution and promoting clean energy by improving the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). 

News Release | Environment Maryland

Clean Car Tour Stops in Baltimore

As the Obama administration prepares to announce historic fuel efficiency and carbon pollution standards for cars and light trucks later this month, Environment Maryland stopped in Baltimore on a clean car tour featuring a Nissan Leaf to tout the benefits of the soon-to-be-finalized standards for Marylanders and our environment.

News Release | Environment Maryland

Extreme Downpours and Snowstorms Up 55 Percent in Mid-Atlantic Region

Nearly a year after Tropical Storm Irene and other powerful storms led to record flooding that devastated many areas of Maryland, a new Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center report confirms that extreme rainstorms and snowstorms are happening 55 percent more frequently in the Mid-Atlantic region than in 1948.

News Release | Environment Maryland

Environmental Groups and Other Stakeholders Unite Behind Atlantic Offshore Wind

Today, more than 215 environmentalists, conservationists, clean energy advocates, businesses, and local and state officials from up and down the Atlantic Coast united to call for bold action to accelerate the creation of offshore wind power. The coalition released a letter to the Obama Administration in order to show strong support for efforts made to date and to urge continued strong action to develop offshore wind resources along the Atlantic.