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Environment Ekes Out Some Wins

Brad Heavner's, State Director of Environment Maryland, statement about the Maryland’s 2010 General Assembly session.

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House Passes Legislation to Boost Smart Growth in Maryland

The Maryland House of Delegates today passed legislation designed to make transportation spending line up with the state's official smart growth goals.

News Release | Environment Maryland

Broad Coalition Calls for More Development Near Transit: New Report Shows Pollution Reduction Potential from Transit-Friendly Neighborhoods

Promoting development near transit stations would reduce pollution and preserve forests and farmland, according to a new report released today by Environment Maryland, Building Maryland’s Future: The Potential of Transit-Friendly Neighborhoods to Protect Open Space and Reduce Global Warming Pollution.

News Release | Environment Maryland

Groups Denounce Development Decisions: Study Shows Citizen Voices Are Ignored, Growth Plans Disregarded in Favor of Developers

Smart growth advocates gathered today in Salisbury to decry the haphazard and sometimes undemocratic way development decisions are made throughout Maryland.

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Environment Maryland Endorses Frank Kratovil for Congress

Today in Cromwell Park, four major environmental groups came together in a spirit of urgency and unity to endorse Queen Anne’s State’s Attorney Frank Kratovil in the race for Congress in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District. Kratovil is running against State Senator Andy Harris from Cockeysville.